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Brisk and Easy Beef Stew Soup

There's nothing all the more ameliorating on cool days that a warm bowl of scrumptious soup! This is a formula I make the majority of the time since it is so quick and simple, particularly of you are utilizing canned nourishment or got dried out or solidify dried sustenance. Furthermore, you know me, I don't quantify anything when I am cooking, and I make unusually substantial pots of soup, so this will be an alternate sort of formula format...you can make as meager or as much as you'd like. I figure you will love this soup!!

Here are the fixings that I toss in a major pot: (Use whatever sum you like. See my notes.)


Meat bouillon 3D shapes or granules

Salt, Pepper

Tomato sauce or smashed tomatoes (or any sort of tomato item you get a kick out of the chance to utilize. I like a quart of home canned plain tomato juice from the garden)

Onions (naturally diced, or dried)

Potatoes, diced

Carrots, cut (crisp or canned)

Grain (discretionary)

Hamburger (crisp, canned, or solidify dried)


1. I fill the pot with nearly as much water as I might want to have soup. Did that bode well? I likewise include the tomato squeeze, sauce or squashed tomatoes....whatever tomato item you like. You can likewise utilize tomato powder. Turn it on and begin it bubbling while you prepare everything else to include.

2. Include some bouillon solid shapes or granules to taste. What's more, some salt and pepper.

3. Toss in the onion. I generally utilize dried onions. Use the same number of or as meager as you'd like.

4. Put in your carrots. I developed carrots and canned them, yet I additionally have utilized locally acquired canned carrots, or crisp cut.

5. Cut up the same number of potatoes as you might want. I more often than not consider no less than one great estimated potato for each individual and I twofold it. (I encourage high school young men!)

6. Include the meat. More often than not I utilize a couple of jars of the yummy canned meat from Aldi's. It accompanies a sauce, and I add every last bit of it to the soup. You can cut up crude meat and toss it directly into the soup. Or on the other hand you can utilize solidify dried hamburger and toss it directly into the soup. It turns out awesome in any case.

7. I truly cherish grain. so more often than not I add a little grain to this soup.For my exceptionally gigantic pot of soup, I just include around 1/2 glasses, so you might need to include around 1/2 container and no more. Grain assimilates a great deal of water, so ensure you have enough water in the soup as the grain cooks. Include more water if necessary.

8. Ensure the soup has enough salt while it is cooking. On the off chance that it doesn't, include more salt or bouillon.

9. Give the soup a chance to stew on medium high until the point when potatoes are finished. Present with dry bread. YUM!
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