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Portuguese Octopus Stew

Amid Lent, it is standard for our family to eat fish or fish on Fridays. Since we as of now had the octopus prepared and prepared, I wanted to cook it for Friday night's supper. This time, we utilized our trusty Presto Pressure Cooker. It was a wedding blessing from my mom, and to be completely forthright with you, I just began utilizing it on a week after week premise when Mom came to remain with us.
The Pressure Cooker is astonishing. You can cook dinners in truly minutes with this volcanic gadget. Presently we are happy with utilizing it, we cook Cacoila, Ribs, Chicken, Pork Chops, Soups, Beans and Potatoes and Octopus in it. Try not to cook Pea Soup in it as I did, you may wind up with a green roof!

We took after my Aunt Filomena's formula for the Octopus Stew. My auntie is a star at utilizing a weight cooker, she generally has one on her stove top and can throw together a supper in under no time. She is additionally an extraordinary cook. She makes a wide range of soups, jams, cakes, malasadas, wieners, salted onions and makes the best home made french fries!

Tia Filomena's Octopus Stew:

You will require:

One Prepared Octopus (you can by it as of now cleaned and prepared at the store)

1 measure of white wine

1 measure of red wine

some water

1/2 glass olive oil (light)

1/2 vegetable oil

2 tsp of Portuguese Calda de Pimenta (pepper sauce)

1 tablespoon of Piri or Hot Sauce

1 tablespoon of tomato glue

1 tablespoon of paprika

Salt and Pepper to taste


Garlic minced

Onion slashed

Potatoes-peeled and quartered

Marinate octopus will all the above fixings aside from the onions and the potatoes in any event for a day. Spare the marinate as it will be the fluid utilized for cooking.

This is what the marinade resembled:

Technique utilizing a Pressure Cooker

1. Add a little olive oil to the pot and start to cook the onion. Try not to top the cooker yet.

2.Once the onion has cooked for a couple of minutes, include the octopus and the marinade. (The potatoes will be included later.)

3. Place the cover on the Pressure Cooker and cook on medium warmth until there is a persistent stream of steam being removed from the vent. As of now, include the weight onto the highest point of the Pressure Cooker.

4.Cook the octopus for 5-8 minutes with the weight reliably shaking from the steam's power.

5. Expel the pot from the stove, cool, evacuate the best and check for delicacy.

6. On the off chance that delicate, include the potatoes, cover pot-don't include the weight yet. (If not delicate yet, restore the pot to the stove with the top on and weight and cook somewhat more and afterward check for delicacy once more.)

7. Once the vent has a predictable stream of steam, include the weight and cook the potatoes for 2 minutes.

8. Now the octopus and potatoes are completely cooked, kill the pot, let cool, expel weight and top and appreciate.

This dish is altogether delighted in with a glass of red wine and some decent dry bread to help clean up the zesty sauce.
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