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Red Wine Oxtail Stew/Oxtail Bourguignon

New and substantial oxtail, red wine, rosemary, garlic, onions, tomatoes. By perusing the rundown of fixings, you know this makes an awesome french stew.

This moderate cooked oxtail meat is so delicate and softening, and splashed with rich red wine sauce. This madly delectable encouraging nourishment is completely ideal for gatherings and family assembling!

Be it Red Wine Oxtail Stew or Oxtail Bourguignon, or French oxtail stew, they are in fact the same, albeit some could contend that they are extraordinary. Every family has diverse style of cooking Oxtail Stews. Rundown of fixings may differ. Some lean towards more flavors, some favors essential flavors. French braise them with red wine and mushrooms, and it can be hamburger or oxtail or veal.

There's no absence of Oxtail Stew formulas on the web. Yet, mine has shorter rundown of fixings tho. Along these lines, it's less demanding to accomplish. Everything is accessible in Cold Storage. In any case, it doesn't implies that this stew is easy. Pureed potatoes would influence the ideal side dish to supplement oxtail to stew.

In spite of the fact that oxtail is view as shoddy cuts in some nation, however in Singapore? No. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Oxtail is costly in Singapore. In a few eateries in different nations who serves this dish in a laborer way, particularly French, and gradually going into haute cooking. Yet, not yet there, and we don't know whether they will be there or, much the same as Beef Bourguignon.


1.5kg Fresh Oxtail

3 tbsp Plain Flour

4 tbsp Cooking Oil

2 Large Yellow Onions

4 Cloves Garlic

2 Fresh Tomatoes

2 jars Whole Peeled Tomato

2 sprig Rosemary

400ml Red Wine

400ml Beef Stock

some Spanish Chorizo lumps, around 7 inches long (Optional)

2 tsp Ground Black Pepper

2 tsp Salt (or more to taste)

2 tbsp Tomato Ketchup

some coriander leaves as decorating


Coat oxtails with 3 tbsp of plain flour equally. In a french pot, warm up 4 tbsp oil, and give oxtail a decent singe until dark colored on each side. Expel oxtail and put aside.

Toss in cleaved onions, and garlic into a similar pot. Saute until the point when onions are delicate. Include new tomato wedges and entire peeled tomato can. Sear for an additional couple of minutes until the point when tomatoes marginally mellowed.

Include carmelized oxtails, organize them pleasantly on the pot, guaranteeing each piece is at the base, while the tomatoes is to finish everything.

Include carrots, rosemary, red wine, meat stock, spanish chorizo and ground dark pepper.

Give it a chance to stew on the stove for 30mins, and move the pot into a preparing plate, and send the pot into pre-warm the broiler to 170 Degree Celsius for 1.5 hours. Do check for splatters and spillage. Decrease to 160 Degree Celsius if there's a need.

Leave oxtail stew aside and let it age for a night. Make sure to warm it before resting.

On the following day morning, include salt, warm the stew pot and let it stew for another 30mins or upto 60 minutes.

Scoop away the best layer of fats. Include tomato ketchup and give it a blend before trial. Modify saltiness as needs be, and the stew is prepared to eat.

Alternatively, for more satisfactory looking stews (like mine); Extra exertion is required - Transfer all oxtails, carrot lumps and chorizo pieces from the stew juices. Stew juices will then be stressed, and after that diminished under fire until stew juice accomplished wanted thick consistency. Pour thick stew squeeze over oxtail, and warm oxtail stew under fire before serving. Keep in mind the coriander leaves :)

Here's the total pictorial guide for your simple reference. I'm certain this arrangement of pictorial guide could supplement the strategy in composing thus as to accomplish better understanding.
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